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VESA Adapter Mount - 50/75/100/120/180/200 by 400mm


This product has been discontinued

Upgrade TV Mount | Accepts Larger Screen | Mounting Hardware Included

Do you have more questions like what is a VESA mount? Check out or blog post on this subject.

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VESA Adapter Mount - 50/75/100/120/180/ 200/400mm

This VESA Adapter Mount allows monitors of different VESA standards to be set up. It is perfect for upgrading an existing arm mount and is easy to install as well.


  • VESA 50/75/100/120/180/200/400mm
  • Mounting hardware included
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Q: What size of bracket do I need for my TV?

A: When choosing a bracket compatibility is determined by weight and VESA pattern. The weight of your TV must not exceed the maximum capacity the bracket can hold.  Secondly your TV must conform to the proper VESA (see below for an explanation of VESA) pattern.  The VESA pattern determines the placing of the screw holes on the TV.  Your TV instruction manual should provide which patterns your TV supports.

Although we give a recommended size that does not guarantee compatibility.  We provide them as general guidelines.

Q: What is a VESA mounting pattern?

A: VESA mounting pattern technically called VESA Mounting Interface Standard (MIS) is the industry standard for mounting flat panel monitors and TVs.  It is widely adopted in the industry and allows for easy compatibility between mounts and TVs.

The smallest VESA configuration is 50mm x 50mm.  This means their are four screw holes in a square pattern 50mm apart.

The largest VESA configuration is 800mm x 400mm.  The screws are in a rectangular pattern 800mm apart on the long edge and 400mm on the short edge.

Check your instruction manual for the VESA pattern your TV supports.