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USB 2.0 Reversible A Male to B Male

Plug in Either Direction | Transfer Rates Up to 480 Mbps | Connect Printers & More to PC

Reversible USB 2.0 Cables - 6FT USB A Male to B Male Cable

Easily connect USB devices without fumbling with the connector. Reversible USB cables have connectors that work in either direction, so you don't have to look to see which is right-side-up anymore.

This universal serial bus (USB) 2.0 A-Male to B-Male cable is commonly used between a computer and a printer as well as many other USB devices. This cable can provide data transfer rates of up to 480Mbps and is downward compatible with USB 1.0 and 1.1


  • Connector 1: USB Reversible Type A Male
  • Connector 2: USB Type B Male
  • Transfer rates up to 480Mbps
  • Reversible connector allows plugging in any direction
  • Designed for modems, printers, switches, and other USB peripherals
  • Downward compatible with USB specifications 1.0 and 1.1
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    Product Questions

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    Q: What kind of cable do I need for my printer?

    A: Typically printers today are connected with a USB A Male to B Male cable

    Q: What if I need to extend my current USB cable past the 16 foot distance limit?

    A: Because passive USB cables have a distance limitation you would need an active extension cable to help boost the   signal coming from the source.

    Q: I'm unsure what USB cable I need can you help?

    A: Please click on the resource tab to see the USB connector graph. This should help identify the correct cable.

    USB Connector Guide

    Connector Type


    Common Use

    USB 2.0 A Male

    Commonly plugged into the USB port on a computer

    USB 2.0 A Female

    Commonly used for extending the length of an existing USB cable. USB A Male is able to plug into this connector

    USB 2.0 B Male

    Commonly used on a printer external hard drive and other USB Devices

    USB 2.0 Micro Male

    Commonly used on new smartphones and other USB devices

    USB 2.0 Mini Male

    Commonly used on cell phones digital cameras and GPS devices

    USB 2.0 Mini Female

    Commonly used to extend the length of an existing USB mini cable

    USB 3.0 A Male

    Commonly used on USB 3.0 devices

    USB 3.0 B Male

    Commonly used on USB 3.0 printers and other USB devices

    USB 3.0 Micro

    Commonly used on USB 3.0 hubs and other devices

    Features & Specs
    Connector AConnector A of cable assembly?USB 2.0 Reversible Type A Male
    Connector BConnector B of cable assembly?USB 2.0 Type B Male
    JacketThe type of material used in the jacket of the cable?PVC
    ShieldedIs this cable shielded?Yes