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2-Way Optical Toslink Digital Audio Splitter (1-in/2-out)

Plastic Body | Allows 2 Plugs to Receive Output | Perfect for Sharing Music | Stylish Shape
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This splitter provides easy, flexible solutions for distributing an audio signal into two separate digital receiving or recording equipment. The splitter allows two digital optical Toslink plugs to receive the output from one Toslink jack. Ideal for sharing music or digital sound recordings. The clarity and richness of the sound preserved by the splitter will guarantee that your work is transferred undisturbed.


  • 2-Way Option Splitter (Toslink Type) splits one fiber optical output into two outputs
  • Used in digital audio devices
  • Fiber optic cable presents minimal interference
  • Sturdy plastic case withstands possible stress and protects Toslink cables and plugs
  • Stylish shape adds decor to any space
Don't Forget the Cables!

This splitter is not designed to connect two sources (DVD player, cable box, game system) to one destination (TV, home theater receiver). Instead, it is only designed to take one source and split its signal to go to two destinations.

This splitter must have all cables connected to match. If you notice all optical cables have a flat side (typically top) and grooved side (typically bottom). Make sure the cables on both inputs and outputs are all lined up. If you have a TosLink cable upside down, while another cable is right side up, it will not work.

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Product Questions

i bought a powered splitter from amazon to go from tv to Bose solo speaker and to my amplifier for the surround sound . Bose would not play. tried 2 power outlets and different outlets. only want to play one at a time. will this splitter work?
Question by: Ray Brown on Feb 7, 2022, 8:12 AM
I believe that this will not work if you only want to play one at a time. If any further assistance is needed our customer service line is 888-519-9505.
Answer by: Jeff Johnston on Feb 7, 2022, 8:50 AM

Q: What’s the difference between a switch and a splitter?

A: A switch allows you to connect multiple video sources to 1 display. A splitter allows you to take the video from one source and then display it on multiple displays depending on how many outputs the splitter has.

Q: Will I lose picture quality if I use a splitter?

A: No a splitter will maintain the picture quality.

Features & Specs
Connector A:Type of Connector on Side A of the adapter?Toslink Female
Connector B:Type of Connector on Side B of the adapter?2x Toslink Female
Form factorThe form factor of this connector?Straight
GenderThe gender of this connector?Female-Female