Telephone Butt-Set

Test Phone Wiring & Connection Issues | LED Indicator | 12 Memories | Water Resistant | 9V Battery
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Phone Line Tester - Telephone Buttset

The Telephone Butt Set is designed for testing existing and newly installed communications systems for proper functionality. The Telephone Butt Set is durable, water resistant, and includes a heavy-duty belt clip which allows the handset to be hung from a maintenance belt. The tester is used by telephone installers, repair technicians, and for phone system maintenance.


  • Polarity LED indicator
  • 12 memories plus last number redial
  • 16 digits per memory
  • 9V Transistor provides 25 hours continuous use
  • Three-position volume switch provides 12dB of volume gain
  • Automatic power shut off
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Q: What is a cable tester?

A: A cable tester is a device used to test the signal strength or connection for a type of cable or network of cables.  There are many different types of cable testers and each test specific cable or several different types.

Q: What does this product test?


  • Determine if line is live or dead

  • Isolate trouble

  • Identify a phone line

  • Make and recieve calls

  • Interference

Q: What are different types of Cable Testers?

A: Verification – A cable tester can verify whether or not the cables wired are properly connected and paired.  This type of tester will reveal any problems in the cables.

Qualification – These types of testers cover everything that the verification equipment test but they will also tell you how well the cable supports data transfers.

Certification – These cable testers are the most sophisticated of the three. They cover the functions of both verification and qualification but they also can create a schematic of the entire network.

Q: Can I use this at home to listen to phone calls?

A: Yes. If you link the buttset to the wires or jack connected to the phone line you wish to listen to by switching the buttset to the mointor mode you will be able to hear conversations on the other line.