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Shrouded Test Leads - Banana Plugs & Alligator Clips

Banana Plugs | Alligator Clip Adapters | Color Coded - Black & Red | Non-Slip Grip | 3 FT Cord
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Shrouded Test Leads - Banana Plugs & Alligator Clips

These highly insulated shrouded test probes are a safety guaranteed option for multimeter testing. The ring around the probes provides a no-slip grip to ensure you do not touch the metal. The banana plugs are shrouded so that even when plugged in there is no way to touch any exposed metal. This test probe set also comes with alligator clip adapters. The Banana plug test probes are used with multimeters, power supplies, and other electrical gear.


  • Red and black test lead set
  • Shrouded Banana plugs are booted
  • Non-slip grip Probes
  • Insulated Alligator Clip adapters included
  • 3 ft. cord
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Q: What kind of test leads should I use with my multimeter?

A: Test leads are just as important as the multimeter itself. The economic test leads will be suitable for lower power related tests. If you are going to be dealing with high voltage it is important to have good professional-grade leads. Make sure that the probes have finger guards to keep you from slipping and touching the metal. Good quality test leads will have high voltage insulation. Another feature to include on high voltage testing is shrouded banana probes so that there is no way you can touch any exposed metal.

Features & Specs
Shrouded Banana PlugIs the Banana Plug sheathed?Yes
Cord LegnthThe length of the cord?3 Feet
Finger GuardFinger gaurds on the Test probe?Yes