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Rubberized Sealant Tape - 1/2 IN Width x 60 IN Lenth

Flexible at all Temperatures | Non-Conducting | Synthetic Rubber
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Rubberized Sealant Tape - 1/2 IN Width x 60 IN Lenth

This sealant tape forms and seals over any fitting and is extremely flexible. Created from synthetic rubber, it is resilient in harsh conditions, such as high temperature and weathering.


  • Flexible in all temperatures
  • Size 1/2 IN x 60"
  • Non-contaminating and non-conductive
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Q: What is electrical tape used for?

A: Electrical tape can be used in several different areas of application. First it can be used on electrical wires to stop electrical currents from passing between wires by mistake. When this happens it can create a short in your power supply. Second electrical tape can be used to label or mark your cables for easy identification. In addition to using it in electrical applications there are many more uses for electrical tape such as marking stage floors in theaters taping bandages etc.

Q: What is the correct way to wrap my wires with electrical tape?

A: All you need to do is wrap the tape up around the length of the wire in a coil-like fashion. It should be wrapped tightly but with no gaps to ensure protections against the elements such as moisture.

Q: Am I supposed to use a particular color of electrical tape when marking my wires?

A: There is a general standard that is used when marking your wires. Neutral wires are often marked with white or light gray tape grounding wires are marked by green or yellow tape and the wires are often marked on both ends with any color for easy identification. However black is used most often because it can withstand ultraviolet radiation in outdoor use unlike other colors.

Q: When might I use silicone tape instead of regular electrical tape?

A: Silicone tape is useful when you have an irregularly shaped object that regular PVC electrical tape will not work well on. Because of silicone tapes ability to stretch further and withstand higher temperatures it is more versatile than regular PVC electrical tape.