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Pasternack PE5019-5 - Fixed Break-Over Torque Wrench With 20mm Bit For N Connectors Pre-set to 8 in-lbs

Fixed Torque Type | Break Over | 20mm Bit| 8 in-lbs
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Pasternack PE5019-5 Fixed Break-Over Torque Wrench

The Premium Pasternack PE5019-5 is a fixed break over torque wrench for RF applications. It includes a 20mm bit for N connectors and has a pre-set torque of  8 inch pounds. This prevents over-tightening of connectors and ensures that your connectors match the manufacturer’s recommendations.  This is crucial for proper performance when working with RF coaxial connectors.  


  • Fixed Torque Type
  • Break-Over Type Design Type
  • 20 mm Hex Size
  • 8 in - lbs Torque Setting
  • +0.32 in-lbs Torque Accuracy
  • Weight: 0.506 lbs (229.52 g)
  • Handle Color: Blue
  • Wrench Head Material: Steel
  • Wrench Head Plating: Nickel
  • Handle Material: Blue Anodized Aluminum
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What is a torque wrench and why should I use it?

A torque wrench is a coax connector prep tool that prevents damage to equipment from over tightening or signal loss.

What is the difference between click type and break over style?

Break-Over torque wrenches feature a unique pivoting joint that “breaks” when the preset torque force has been reached. This prevents the connector from being over tightened and damaged.

Click type design torque wrenches helps to limit connector's torque ratings to the to the correct amount by alerting the user when the pre-set torque limit for connectors is reached.

SKU Connector Style Pre Set Bit Size
PE5011-5 SSMA Click Type 8 in-lbs 1/4 Bit
PE5019-19A SSMA Click Type 5 in-lbs 5/16 Bit
PE5019-6 N Break Over 14 in-lbs 25/32 Bit
PE5019-12 SSMC Break Over 2 in-lbs 5/32 Bit
PE5011-6 N, SC Click Type 14 in-lbs 13/16 Bit
PE5011-3 7MM, N Click Type 14 in-lbs 3/4 Bit
PE5019-18 TNC Break Over 6 in-lbs 5/8 Bit
PE5019-11 SMC Break Over 3 in-lbs 15/64 Bit
PE5019-10 TNC Break Over 12 in-lbs 5/8 Bit
PE5019-16 1.0mm Break Over 4 in-lbs 15/64 Bit
PE5011-4 TNC Click Type 14 in-lbs 5/8 Bit
PE5019-5 N Break Over 8 in-lbs 8 Bit
PE5011-8 TNC Click Type 13 in-lbs 9/16 Bit
PE5011-2 SMC Click Type 3 in-lbs 1/4 Bit
PE5019-21 7/16 DIN Break Over 20 in-lbs 27mm Bit
PE5019-9 TNC Break Over 12 in-lbs 9/16 Bit
PE5019-4 N, 7mm Break Over 14 in-lbs 3/4 Bit
PE5019-13 SSMA Break Over 5 in-lbs 1/4 Bit
PE5019-17 TNC Break Over 6 in-lbs 9/16 Bit
PE5019-14 SSMA Break Over 8.1 in-lbs 1/4 Bit
PE5019-3 SSMA Break Over 8 in-lbs 3/4 Bit
PE5019-1A 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, SMA Break Over 8 in-lbs 5/16 Bit
PE5011-7 N Click Type 14 in-lbs 20mm Bit
PE5019-8 N, SC Break Over 14 in-lbs 13/16 Bit
PE5019-7 N, SC Break Over 8 in-lbs 13/16 Bit