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Panduit LS8E Hand-Held Thermal Transfer Printer


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Cut To Length & Partial Cut Function | Fast Loading | USB Interface |
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Panduit LS8E Hand-Held Thermal Transfer Printer

This Panduit LS8E Hand-Held Thermal Transfer Printer includes all you need to start printing labels in a fast and easy way. This label printer cuts your labels to length or provides a partial cut for tear-apart strips, eliminating waste, time, and labor during installation. It prints high-quality, industrial labels on a wide variety of materials for all applications. This printer uses cassettes that retain past formatting information, making the process fast and easy, each and every time.


  • Cut to Length Function
  • Partial Cut Feature for Tear-Apart Labels
  • Fast Loading Label Cassette
  • Prints on a Variety of Surfaces
  • USB Interface for Computer Connection
  • RoHS Compliant
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Q: What are the benefits of labeling patch panels?

A: When cables are labeled it is much easier to identify and maintain the connections without having to guess what it is. When each cable is labeled you won't have to trace the connection which also saves time.

Q: Can I use any label I want to on my cables?

A: We carry labels in several different sizes. Pick the one that best fits your cable connections. There are labels for Cat5e Cat6 Cat6a etc. On the specs tab of each label is a Minimum and Maximum cable diameter that the label fits to help you better decide which one to buy.