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Panduit LD10 Surface Raceway - 6 FT - Single Piece

8-20 Cat5e Cables | 1 Piece | Hinged Design | Adhesive Backing |

Cable Hider - Panduit LD10 Surface Raceway - International White - 6 FT - Single Piece

This Panduit Raceway Fitting is used to conceal, protect, and route low voltage cabling. This raceway fitting is perfect for all voice, video, and data cabling systems. Using Raceway fitting eliminates the need for surface mount outlet boxes. It comes with factory applied adhesive backing for quick and easy installations.


  • Size: LD10
  • Color: International White
  • Quantity: 1 Piece
  • One-Piece Hinged Design
  • Factory Applied Adhesive Backing
  • RoHS Compliant
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Q: How many cables fit in this conduit?

LD3 is the ideal size for

  • 1-4 Cat5e (24 AWG) Cables

  • 1-2 Cat6 (24 AWG) Cables

  • 1 Cat6a (24 AWG) Cable

  • 1-2 A/V RG6 Cables

  • 1-5 (2 Strand) Fiber Optic Cables

LD5 is the ideal size for

  • 5-7 Cat5e (24 AWG) Cables

  • 3-5 Cat6 (24 AWG) Cables

  • 2-3 Cat6a (24 AWG) Cables

  • 2-3 A/V RG6 Cables

  • 6-9 (2 Strand) Fiber Optic Cables

LD10 is the ideal size for

  • 8-20 Cat5e (24 AWG) Cables

  • 6-13 Cat6 (24 AWG) Cables

  • 4-8 Cat6a (24 AWG) Cables

  • 4-10 A/V (RG6) Cables

  • 10-24 (2 Strand) Fiber Optic Cables

Q: Can I mix and match Panduit and ICC raceway products?

A: No you cannot. The sizes of the products are similar but not exactly the same. It is better to use all of the same manufacturing when installing your raceway system. We carry a wide variety from each manufacturer. You just have to decide which one fits your needs better.