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Optical Toslink Female to Optical Toslink Female Coupler Adapter


This product has been discontinued

Plastic Body | Easy to Use | Connect Two Cables
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This simple adapter combines two Toslink jacks together in order to extend their lengths. Any Toslink jack plugs easily into this adapter and provides the needed length for those equipments that are spaced further apart than the average setup.


  • Connects two separate Toslink jacks
  • Combines the length of two Toslink cables
  • Easy to use
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Q: What are the benefits of using a Toslink cable over other audio cables?

A: Digital audio cables offer superior clarity by the use of fiber optics. The fiber optics have virtually no loss in quality and are not affected by any interference.

Q: What kind of electronic equipment utilizes digital audio?

A: Today Toslink can be found on many electronic devices from computers televisions receivers DVD players CD players and many more.

Q: How can I tell if the Toslink optical connection is working?

A: Plug the cable into the source. You will be able to see a red light coming out of the opposite end of the cable.

Q: How many audio channels can Toslink support?

A: Toslink can support up to 7.1 channel audio.

Features & Specs
Connector A:Type of Connector on Side A of the adapter?Toslink Female
Connector B:Type of Connector on Side B of the adapter?Toslink Female
Form factorThe form factor of this connector?Straight
GenderThe gender of this connector?Female-Female