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N Lightning Protector - Female to Female Bulkhead 0-6 GHz

50 Ohms | DC-6GHz Bandwidth | Nickel-Plated Brass | Bi-Directional & Multi-Strike Protection
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This Lightning Surge Protector is used to protect a wide variety of applications from electrical surges. It has a gas discharge tube suppressor that supports bandwidths from DC to 6 GHz. This surge protector will protect your equipment from even the smallest power surges and it will always reset itself after one occurs.


  • Connectors: N Female to N Female
  • Bandwidth from DC to 6 GHz
  • 50 Ohm
  • Easily Replaceable Gas Tube Element
  • Protects in Both Directions
  • Protects from Multiple Strikes
  • Includes 1 Grounding Lug
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Q: Why do I need a surge protector?

A: While some power surges are caused by lightning strikes or by changes in the power grid. These surges can damage or shorten the life of delicate electronic components like the microprocessors found in computers and audio/video equipment. A surge protector will absorb or ground this excess energy protecting the devices plugged into its power or data lines.

Q: Where should I install my surge protector?

A: Surge protectors are installed where your devices such as telephone electric and cable enter your building.

Features & Specs
The connector type.?N Female to N Female
Insertion Loss
The amount of reduction in signal strength during transmission.?.5 dB
BandwidthThe range of frequencies the signal uses.?0-6 GHz
Impedance of cable.?50 Ohm
What the product is made of.?Nickel Plated Brass