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MTRJ Female to MTRJ Female Fiber Adapter - Plastic

MTRJ to MTRJ | Plastic Adapter | Singlemode & Multimode | UPC | High Density
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With this MTRJ to MTRJ Simplex Adapter, you are able to connect MTRJ and MTRJ fiber patch cables together. It provides a high density solution that allows you to customize your adapter panels and patch panels. This MTRJ/MTRJ adapter is compatible with singlemode and multimode fiber cables.


  • Connector 1: MTRJ
  • Connector 2: MTRJ
  • Plastic Adapter
  • Simplex Adapter
  • Universally Compatible with Singlemode and Multimode Fiber Cables
  • High Density for Patch Panel Customization
  • Color: Black
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What does duplex mean?

Duplex means that there is a set of two connectors on each side of the cable. These are duplex cables.

What are the differences between the fiber connectors?

ST- Uses a push and turn to lock system

SC- Has a molded plug casing with push and pull locking system

LC- Small form factor that resembles an SC connector

MTRJ- Small form factor with a square plastic casing


What is the difference between 50/125 and 62.5/125 fiber?

50/125 can be run further with less loss than 62.5/125 fiber.

What is the the difference between UPC fiber connectors and APC fiber connectors?

UPC stands for Ultra Physical Contact and APC stands for Angled Physical Contact. UPC connectors are finely polished on the ends of the fibers in order to decrease insertion loss and increase return loss (the higher the return loss the better the connection). UPC connectors have a return loss of more than 50dBs. The APC connectors were made to decrease insertion loss and increase the return loss even more. APC connectors have a return loss of more than 60dB. The end face of the APC connector fiber is polished at an 8 degree angle which prevents back reflections that degrade the performance of your system.