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Mini DisplayPort Male to DisplayPort Male

30 AWG | Fully Shielded | Nickel-Plated | 10.64Gbps | Bi-Directional | Pure Digital

Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable - 3 Foot Male to Male

Get the most out of your electronic equipment by using Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. DisplayPort is a next-generation technology that delivers high bandwidth, digital video signals from your PC to your display. These cables are made from quality materials and are designed to deliver sharp, crystal-clear picture. These cables are Certified DisplayPort cables, adhere to DisplayPort 1.1 standards.


  • Connector A: Mini DisplayPort Male
  • Connector B: DisplayPort Male
  • Pure digital connection
  • Nickel-plated connectors
  • Fully Shielded
  • 30 AWG conductors
  • Supports 8.64Gbps
  • Bi-Directional
  • Certified DisplayPort 1.1
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    Q: What is the maximum data bandwidth of a DisplayPort cable?

    A: Up to a total 17.28 Gbit per second.

    Q: Does DisplayPort support audio?

    A: Yes from 1 to 8 audio channels.

    Q: What is maximum length of a DisplayPort cable?

    A: The maximum length of a DisplayPort cable is 3 meters (9 feet) with a passive cable and 33 meters (108 Feet) with active cable.

    Q: Is DisplayPort compatible with VGA HDMI or Single-Link DVI?

    A: Yes You only need to use a small passive adapter. Find them here.