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Low Voltage Mounting Bracket - Box Eliminator - MPLS

Low Voltage Mounting Bracket - Box Eliminator - MPLS
Single Gang | Mount to Drywall, Tile, & Plaster | Includes Drywall Screws | UL Listed

Low Voltage Mounting Bracket - Single Gang - Box Eliminator - MPLS

This Mounting Bracket is used to mount low voltage devices directly to drywall, tile, or plaster. This bracket eliminates the use for electrical boxes and it can be easily installed with 2 screws and bend-around tabs. It is compatible with all standard single gang wall plates. Use this bracket with volume controls, switches, or wall plates.


  • Single Gang
  • For Drywall 3/8' to 1-1/2'
  • Used with Low-Voltage Devices
  • Mount Faceplate Directly to Drywall
  • Includes 2 Drywall Screws
  • Color: Silver
  • UL Listed
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Q: What does it mean when it says that it is a low voltage mounting bracket?

A: Low voltage means that it should not be used with anything over 120 volts. These are used with phone internet TV and video wires.

Q: How much weight can these support?

A: They are not intended to support a lot of weight so keep it light. Think about it like a picture hanger. They are only intended to hold as much as the purpose of its function.

Q: What kind of faceplates fit onto these mounting brackets?

A: All standard sized wall plates fit onto these mounting brackets. That means that all single gang wall plates fit onto the single gang mounting bracket and all double gang wall plates fit onto the double gang mounting bracket.