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L-com USB 3.0 Cable Latching Type A - B

1 Meter | 10x Faster Than 2.0 | Transfer Rates Up to 4.8 Gbps | PVC Jacket | SuperSpeed | Latching Connector


These unique cable assemblies from L-com feature two latching Type A USB plugs which provide lock down mating retention with any USB Type A jack. They provide extra strength in keeping the connector plugged into the port and contain easy quick release tabs on both sides of the connector. Fully shielded and USB 3.0 compliant, this cable contains two 24 AWG power conductors and one 30 AWG pair for the data lines. Color is blue.


  • Connector 1: USB Latching Type A Male
  • Connector 2: USB Type B Male
  • Latching Connectors with quick release
  • 30 AWG
  • Transfer rates up to 5 Gbps
  • Backwards compatible with USB specifications 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0
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USB Connector Guide

Connector Type


Common Use

USB 2.0 A Male

Commonly plugged into the USB port on a computer

USB 2.0 A Female

Commonly used for extending the length of an existing USB cable. USB A Male is able to plug into this connector

USB 2.0 B Male

Commonly used on a printer external hard drive and other USB Devices

USB 2.0 Micro Male

Commonly used on new smartphones and other USB devices

USB 2.0 Mini Male

Commonly used on cell phones digital cameras and GPS devices

USB 2.0 Mini Female

Commonly used to extend the length of an existing USB mini cable

USB 3.0 A Male

Commonly used on USB 3.0 devices

USB 3.0 B Male

Commonly used on USB 3.0 printers and other USB devices

USB 3.0 Micro

Commonly used on USB 3.0 hubs and other devices