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IR over HDMI Control Kit - Dual Band


This product has been discontinued

Complete IR over HDMI Kit | Plug and Play | Easy to Install | Extend Signal Up to 325 FT
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Infrared Remote over HDMI Control Kit - Dual Band

This IR over HDMI control kit allows the user to control audio/video devices that are not in direct line of sight of the remote control. It does this by using the HDMI cable's CEC channel to transmit the IR signal. You can switch between CEC or IR mode. To connect the IR control kit, place both ends of the HDMI cable with the supplied HDMI IR adapters. Connect the IR TX pigtail to the HDMI IR adapter at the source end (Blu-ray player, etc.) and then the IR RX pigtail to the HDMI IR adapter at the display end (HDTV). The IR control kit allows extensions up to 325 feet and can also be used on HDMI switches, splitters, or HDMI extenders.


  • Supports Dual Band Remotes
  • Allows IR control over any HDMI cable
  • Control your source device, such as a Blu-ray player even when it's in a closed cabinet or room
  • Can be used on HDMI cables, HDMI switches, HDMI splitters, and HDMI extenders
  • Distances up to 325 ft.
  • No power needed
  • IR or CEC configurable
  • IR kit includes: one IR Emitter, one IR Target, two HDMI IR adapters

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Q: What are the different parts of an IR System?

Infrared Target

This device picks up the infrared signal from your remote control just like a TV or VCR. It encodes the infrared signal into a signal suitable for transmission. Receivers must be located in the room you wish to use the remote control. The wire from the receiver to the connecting block needs at least three available conductors and can be several hundred feet long. Cat5/Cat6 wire work fine.


This is simply a place for all the parts to plug in or connect to. Connecting blocks are usually classified based on the number of ports. All connecting blocks can support many IR receivers wired in parallel. Connecting blocks are usually located near the equipment that is to be controlled along with the power supply and emitters.

Infrared Emitters

IR Emitters generally 'stick' onto the front of the device you want to control. You with need one emitter for each device. 'Dual' emitters have two emitters and one plug so they only take up one jack of the connecting block. All emitters come with long cords and double-stick tape.

Q: My remote is working sporadically what could be the problem?

A: The most likely problem is you have a signal band IR target and your remote is a dual band remote. You will need to upgrade your current IR Target with a Dual Band Target.

Q: Why do I need a Plasma Proof Target?

A: Some plasma and LCD TVs emit broad-spectrum infrared noise. This can cause issues with transmitting the proper IR signals back to the hub.