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Bow Type Drop Cable, 9/125 SMF G657A1, 1 Fiber, Per Meter

Bow Type Drop Cable | 9/125 SMF G657A1 | 1 Fiber | Per Meter
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The ShowMeCables FOB-DC-SM1FZBOW-M is a bow type drop cable cable is suitable for installation, operation and convenient for maintenance. This bulk fiber cord comes with novel groove design, can be easily striped, and splices for simplified installation and maintenance. This bow type drop cable cable is made with a durable UV resistant LSZH jacket to provide full protection against outdoor environment.

This FOB-DC-SM1FZBOW-M bulk fiber cord is perfect as a building-to-building cable, indoor soft cable along the wall, ceiling, between layers and conduits. Our fiber cord is a SMF G657A1 fiber type cord with 9µm/125µm core/cladding diameter. The 9µm/125µm fiber optic cable contains 1 fiber central optical fiber and two FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) or steel wire strength members on both sides.

The bow type drop cable fiber cable available from ShowMeCables, comes with a flame retardant LSZH jacket and contains 1 fiber that is color coded for easy identification during installation. The SMF G657A1 fiber distribution cable features a simple structure, lightweight, and high tensile strength. This bow type drop cable cable is also used as pigtails, movable connectors and patch cords for communication equipment.

ShowMeCables FOB-DC-SM1FZBOW-M fiber distribution cables are in stock and are ready to ship the same day. This 1 fiber bulk fiber cable is sold per meter and has all the necessary items for installers to terminate own cable. For further information on similar products, our expert technical support and knowledgeable sales team can help you get the bow type drop cable cable fiber cable for your requirement.

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