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Economy Network and Phone Cable Tester


This product has been discontinued

Tests Ethernet & Telephone Cables | Auto & Manual Scan Indicators | Test Grounding | 9V Battery

Economy Network and Phone Cable Tester

The Economy Network and Phone Cable Tester verifies the continuity in cables for pin-out indicators. It tests 10Base-T, 10Base-2 Ethernet, RJ11/RJ45 modular cables, 258A and TIA-568A/568B cables for proper pin configuration. When connected to the Cable Tester, if everything in the network is wired correctly, the LEDs will light up in a linear sequence. If there are any problems with the wiring, the LEDs will: not light, turn red instead of green, or display an incorrect sequence.


  • Easily verifies cable continuity
  • Features with auto or manual scan for pin-out indicators
  • Tests the correct pin configuration of:
    • 10Base-T
    • 10Base-2 Ethernet
    • RJ11/RJ45 modular cables
    • AT&T 258A
    • TIA-568
  • Test the grounding
  • Power switch for saving battery power
  • Powered by one 9V battery (not included)
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Q: What is a cable tester?

A: A cable tester is a device used to test the signal strength or connection for a type of cable or network of cables. There are many different types of cable testers. Each test specific cable or several different types.

Q: What can a Cable Tester test?


  • Correct Pin-out

  • Continuity

  • Grounding

Q: What are different types of Cable Testers?

A: Verification—A cable tester can verify whether or not the cables wired are properly connected and paired. This type of tester will reveal any problems in the cables.

Qualification—These types of testers cover everything that the verification equipment test but they will also tell you how well the cable supports data transfers.

Certification—These cable testers are the most sophisticated of the three. They cover the functions of both verification and qualification but they also can create a schematic of the entire network.

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Features & Specs
Tool PurposeThe purpose of the tester?Verification
Cable TypeThe type of cable it tests?Ethernet Telephone
PortsThe type of compatible ports?RJ45 RJ11/RJ12
Tool TypeThe type of tester?Data Voice