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Digital Coax and Optical Audio to RCA Stereo Audio Converter

LED Indicator | 2 Inputs | 1 Output | Connect Digital/Optical to Older Analog Technology
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Digital Coax and Optical Audio to RCA Stereo Audio Converter

This digital coax and optical audio to RCA stereo audio converter is used to convert digital audio to analog audio signals. Used with applications such as older televisions or other electronic devices that do not have digital audio inputs. Take your digital audio device (such as a DVD Player) and plug in your digital audio (S/PDIF) connection into the converter box. The other end of this converter box will have an analog output that goes into your television or any analog input device. 


  • Input: Digital coax or Optical audio
  • Output: RCA stereo audio
  • The converter is a DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), allowing for audio signal conversion with no degradation, and supporting variable sampling rates for maximum fidelity
  • With no signal or signal format error LED indicator
  • 2 inputs: digital coax or optical audio
  • 1 output: RCA stereo audio
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Product Questions

do you sell the cable that has the red and white plugs and has the orange digit auto out put plug?
Question by: tim on Feb 5, 2019, 10:00 PM
Thank you for your question. It doesn't look like we sell one cable that has both the red and white RCA ends, plus the orange digital output cable. We do sell them individually.
The SKU for a 3 foot dual RCA cable is 23-151-003, and is sold up to 50 foot.
The SKU for 6 foot orange digital output cable is 25-190-006, and is also sold in 12 foot.

If any further assistance is needed, our customer service line is 888-519-9505.
Answer by: Jeff Johnston on Feb 6, 2019, 8:33 AM

Q: My new TV only has optical audio out. My older audio receiver only has red and white RCA inputs. What product do I need to connect these devices together?

A: To make that connection you will need a digital audio to analog audio converter. You can find that product here.

Q: Will a converter improve my picture quality?

A: No a converter will only change the signal type. The signal quality will be only as good as the input device.