Ruggedized Solutions by ShowMeCables

Defy the Elements with ShowMeCables
Ruggedized Solutions by ShowMeCables

No matter the challenges of the environment, ruggedized solutions from ShowMeCables provide the reliable connection that your installation demands. Our connectivity solutions are designed and tested to withstand extreme temperature, water, dust, chemicals, vibration, repetitive motion and radio or electromagnetic interference.

Unique Solutions for Unique Applications

ShowMeCables’ ruggedized solutions work across many industries including aerospace, military, industrial, manufacturing, transportation and more.  However, each project has unique characteristics and challenges. Our product offering encompasses a mixture of internally developed unique solutions and best-in-class offerings from leading manufacturers.  Our solutions consultants can help you identify the product or mix of products to solve your unique challenges, including off the shelf available or custom designs.


  • Weatherproofing and waterproofing
  • Climate and environmental protection
  • Operations in both hot and cold temperature extremes
  • Protection for electric and/or electronic equipment 
  • Designed to withstand shock, vibration and corrosive material


  • Military
  • Aerospace/Avionics
  • Industrial Applications and Process Control
  • Factory Automation
  • Medical Healthcare
  • Security Monitoring
  • Transportation
  • Test and Measurement
  • Data Storage

Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a



Voice & Data Jacks

  1. Fiber Optic Wall Enclosure
  2. Fiber Optic Wall Enclosure
  3. Fiber Optic Wall Enclosure
  4. Fiber Optic Wall Enclosure

Weatherproofing Installation Supplies