ShowMeCables' Cyber Monday - Featuring 2019's Most Loved Products

This Cyber Monday we are featuring over 40 of the product you loved the most in 2019. This includes new products, like our Cat6a Slim cables which are 40% smaller than regular Cat6a cables, or some of our classics like OM3 rated fiber. Download our digital catalog to see everything, or follow the links below to start shopping.

New Products That Were Instant Hits

Here are our top five new products for the year.

  • Commercial Grade HDMI
    Our new commercial rated, CL3, HDMI cables are capable of transmitting 4K UHD. A/V professionals choose them because they are rated for in-wall applications.
  • Tray Cable
    2019 was the year of tray cable. With hundreds of options including up to 2-50 conductor cable, 1-24 pair cable, 1-12 triads, 10-20 AWG and voltage rating up to 600V, we became the go-to source for many installers. Best yet, every option is available to be cut to exact specifications, allowing you to order as much or as few as you need.
  • Wire Mesh Cable Tray
    Along with tray cable, our new line of cable tray allows you to route all types of cables above, around, up and down. Our mesh cable try is easy to cut, easy to bend, while still properly supporting your cable.
  • Digital Lighting Management Cable
    DLM cables are becoming the default cable for lighting management systems. Our line of affordable, installation rated cables was well received by the industry, being deployed in hundreds of buildings throughout the country.
  • Industrial Rated Solutions
    We had a hard time limiting our list to only five, so for our final listing we chose a big product group. This year we launched hundreds of new solutions for industrial, auotmation and robotics industries. These producs focus on performance in high-demanding areas.

Featured Products