Component Video and RCA Audio to HDMI Converter


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1 Input | 1 Output | Supports Full Range of Component Video Resolutions | Includes Power Supply
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Component Video with Audio to HDMI Converter

Instantly upgrade your audio and video electronics with the Component Video to HDMI Converter. Seamlessly integrate your existing equipment with modern TVs that require a HDMI connection. This converter box converts component video, RCA audio signals to HDMI signals, allowing you to output video and audio on HDTV's.

With this converter box, you will gain greater versatility and flexibility with your computer and home theater audio/video devices. This enhances your system's overall technical and economic efficiency, allowing you to enjoy brilliant graphics/video and high-fidelity audio across different signal types. It allows you to save money by using your existing audio/video hardware.


  • Input: Component Video(YPbPr), Stereo Audio or Digital Coax
  • Output: HDMI
  • Supports the full range of Component Video Resolutions
  • Includes 5V/1A Power Supply


  • Wii to TV
  • Xbox 360 to TV
  • PS/2 to TV
  • DVD Player to TV
  • Satellite Box to TV
  • Digital Cable Box to TV

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Q: Why do I need a converter to convert to or from HDMI?

A: HDMI is a digital signal. In order to change the signal type to an analog signal active processing is needed.

Q: My new TV only has optical audio out. My older audio receiver only has red and white RCA inputs. What product do I need to connect these devices together?

A: To make that connection you will need a digital audio to analog audio converter. You can find that product here.

Q:Will a converter improve my picture quality?

A: No a converter will only change the signal type. The signal quality will be only as good as the input device.

Features & Specs
InputThe input connection?Component Video RCA Audio
OutputThe output connection?HDMI
Cables Needed
What cables are needed for the product?HDMI RCA