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110 Wiring Color Label

6 Labels per Sheet | TIA 606 labeling standards | Four types per sheet (2, 3, 4, and 5 pair)

These 110 Wiring Color Labels are used with 110 wiring block applications to make labeling and circuit identification easy. Each sheet has four types of labels including 2 pair, 3 pair, 4 pair, and 5 pair.


  • Allows for color coding
  • TIA 606 labeling standards
  • Standard nine wiring colors available
  • Four types per sheet (2, 3, 4, and 5 pair)
  • Each pair has 6 labels per sheet
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Product Questions

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Q: What are the benefits of labeling patch panels?

A: When patch panels are labeled it is much easier to identify and maintain the connections without having to guess what it is. When each port is labeled you won't have to trace the connection which also saves time.

Q: Why should I use a color coding system?

A: Connections are color coded to make identification faster and simpler.

Q: Is there a labeling standard for patch panels?

A: Yes it is called the TIA-606-B Labeling Standard. Because of this standard all patch panels wall plates termination points etc. should be labeled. The standards were made as a guideline for keeping records being able to identify and label items in an easy-to-follow manner.

Features & Specs
ApplicationWhat the product can be used on.?110 Wiring Blocks
LengthThe length of the product.?11 Inches
WidthThe width of the product.?8.5 Inches
The height of the product.?.1 Inches