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Premium VGA Monitor Extension Cable - Male/Female

True 15 Pin | Gold-Plated Contacts | Ferrite Beads | Highest Quality | Extend Connection

VGA Extension Cable - 3 Foot Male to Female Monitor Cable

ShowMeCables' premium male to female extension cables are ideal for extending the length of and existing cable. These HD15 VGA cables are low-loss, heavy duty cables designed with double shielding and ferrite beads to maintain signal integrity. This cable is assembled from coax and twisted pair in order to achieve extended distances without the degradation. ShowMeCables premium series cables are true 15 pin which some HDTV's require for proper resolution.


  • True 15 Pin connection for the best supported resolution on HDTV's
  • Connector 1: VGA Male
  • Connector 2: VGA Female
  • Gold plated contacts
  • Ferrite beads
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Product Questions

Does this cable have all 15 pins wired 1:1? I.e. is pin 1 on the male end connected to pin 1 on the female end, pin 2 to pin 2, etc. for all 15 pins?
Question by: Robert Z on Jun 6, 2019, 4:07 PM
Yes, all 15 pins are connected. 1 to 1, 2 to 2 etc.
Answer by: Jeff Johnston on Jun 6, 2019, 4:21 PM

Q: What is the difference between a 14 and 15 pin VGA cable?

A: Some HDTV's require the use of a 15 pin cable in order to sync the resolution of the monitor. 14 pin VGA cables lack the needed pin to do this.

Q: What are ferrite beads?

A: A ferrite bead is an interference filter for electronic cabling. It works by filtering out high frequency noise and dissipating it as heat. This enables a better quality signal.

Q: What does the jacket rating CL2 CM and CMP mean?

  • CL2 is the standard type of PVC jacket used for low voltage cable. CL2 rated cables are often referred to as in-wall rated cables and can be run almost anywhere except plenums. CL2 is more common for non-professional use.

  • CM is standard communications cabling that is not run in walls or in plenum air spaces.

  • CMP is a rating that is given to cables that have passed a stringent burn test and are able to be run through plenum air spaces. Plenum air spaces include drop ceilings and non-ducted HVAC air returns.

Q: What is the difference between VGA and SVGA?

A: VGA and SVGA stand for Video Graphics Array and Super Video Graphics Array. Standard VGA has a maximum resolution of 640x480. SVGA provides a better image quality at a resolution of 800x600+.