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Cat7 Shielded Solid PVC Cable

85-700-100 xx
23 AWG | 750MHz | S/FTP Cable | CM Rated | For Long Runs
100 % of 100

Experience the next generation of networking with Cat7 bulk cable from ShowMeCables. This cable enables 10-Gigabit data transmission over a 4-connector twisted-pair copper cable, allowing connection distances of up to 100 meters. It also proposes a new measurement for Power-Sum Alien Crosstalk to 750 MHz. Alien Crosstalk is a coupled signal in a disturbed pair arising from a signal in a neighboring cable.


  • Cat7
  • Gray
  • Solid Cable 23 AWG Copper Conductors
  • 750 MHz
  • Shielded twisted pair (S/FTP) cable
  • Overall Tin-Copper Braiding
  • CM rated PVC Jacket
  • Supplied on 1000´ wooden spools
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Product Questions

What is the weight of this cable per foot (per 100 feet)?
Question by: Mikhail Ter-Grigoryan on Jan 26, 2018, 8:13 AM
The Cat7 Shielded Solid PVC Cable weights 45 lbs per 1000 foot. Please reach out to our customer service department at 888-519-9505 or for more assistance.
Answer by: Jeff - ProductManagement on Jan 26, 2018, 9:14 AM
Features & Specs
Cable Type The type of cable described? Cat7 Solid PVC
Conductor Material The type of material used in the conductor of the cable?? Solid Bare Copper (BC)
Conductor Size Gauge of center conductor? 23 AWG
Twisted Pairs Total number of twisted pairs in the cable?? 4 Pair
Shielded Does this cable have any shielding? Yes
Bandwidth Rating Bandwidth that the cable will support ? 750 Mhz
Jacket Material The type of material used in the jacket of the cable? Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Cable Diameter Diameter in inches of cable? .33 inch
RoHS Complaint Is this cable RoHS complaint Status? Yes