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Cat5e Shielded Solid Plenum Cable

85-500-235 XX
24 AWG | 350 MHz | CMP Rated | For Plenum Air Spaces

Solid Shielded Plenum Cat5e is designed to meet the strictest of electrical codes; our plenum cable meets or exceeds many common cable standards. The slow burn, low smoke jacket is comprised from CMP rated PVC. Internally an overall foil shield protects the cable from electromagnetic or radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI). Four color-striped pairs make it easy to install and reduces alien crosstalk. Plenum cable is commonly used for structured cabling projects such as vertical, horizontal, or backbone systems. This cable is sold by the foot, order just what you need. Solid Cat5e is commonly terminated to a connector, jack, or patch panel.


  • Jacket Fire Retardant Polyvinyl Chloride (FR-PVC)
  • Overall Foil Shield
  • 24 AWG Solid Bare Copper Conductors
  • Tested up to 350 MHz
  • Meets Cat5e Standards
  • RoHS Complaint
  • ETL Listed
  • CMP Rated
  • Max Continuous Length: 1000 FT

'Plenum' refers to the highest fire-resistance standard of the National Electrical Code (NEC). Many local building codes specify that plenum-rated cables must be used in plenum air-return spaces, such as drop ceilings. These cables have special fire-retardant jackets, but  there is no performance difference between plenum and non-plenum cables. Because plenum cables meet the highest standard, they can be used in any application, but due to  price differences it makes sense only to use plenum cables when necessary.

Please note: All products that are bought per foot are non-returnable.

Any amount of cable you order above the maximum continuous length of 1000 FT will be sent in separate pieces.

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Features & Specs
Cable TypeThe type of cable described?Cat5e Solid Plenum
Conductor MaterialThe type of material used in the conductor of the cable??Solid Bare Copper (BC)
Conductor SizeGauge of center conductor?24AWG
Twisted PairsTotal number of twisted pairs in the cable??4 Pair
ShieldedDoes this cable have any shielding?Yes
Bandwidth RatingBandwidth that the cable will support ?350Mhz
Jacket MaterialThe type of material used in the jacket of the cable?Fire Retardant Polyvinyl Chloride (FR-PVC)
Cable DiameterDiameter in inches of cable?.21 inch
Cable RatingNEC rating this cable has?CMP
RoHS ComplaintIs this cable RoHS complaint Status?Yes