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Cat5e Amphenol Telco Trunk Cable - Male to Female

Cat5e Rated | Cat3 Compatible | 25 Pair | 50 Pin | Right Angle Connectors | PVC Jacket | Data & VOIP

25 Pair Amphenol Cables - 100FT Cat5e Male to Female Telco Cable

Telco cables, also known as Amphenol cables are cables used for telecom and data applications. This cable uses a Cat5e rated 25 pair cable with a PVC jacket and 90 degree angled 50 pin male to female connector at each end. Save time and labor by eliminating the need to punch down individual conductors with 25 pair telco cables.


  • 100ft
  • Male to female
  • 50 pin screw connectors
  • Cat5e rated 25 pair
  • PVC jacket
  • 90 degree connectors
  • Screw down connections
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Q:What is a Telco Cable?

A: A Telco cable also known as a Telecom cable or Amphenol cable is a thick cable used for connecting multiple voice or data lines for LANs or telecommunications. The ends use 25 pairs of polarized pins (50 pins total). This cable handles up to 25 data channels or phone lines. The name Amphenol comes from the company that first manufactured it.

Q: What’s the difference between Cat3 and Cat5e cable?

A: Cat5e and Cat3 cable differ primarily in that the Cat 5e cable has more twists in the wire pairs. This allows for less interference (crosstalk) within the cable a better signal quality. This allows for faster networking and longer cable runs than Cat3. Cat3 is rated for 10 mbps Cat5e is rated for 100 mbps.

Features & Specs
Connector AConnector A of cable assembly?Telco male
Connector BConnector B of cable assembly?Telco female
LengthThe Length of the cable?5ft
RatingThe rating of this cable??Cat5e
Connector orientationThe orientation of the cable?Right Angle
Jacket ratingThe rating of the jacket?PVC