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Cable Clip for Dual Coax/Ethernet Cables with 7/8 Inch Screw - 100 Pack


Route & Install 2 Coax/Ethernet Cables | Pre-Installed 7/8 Inch Screw | Plastic | Works with cables up to 6mm OD

Cable Clip for Dual Coax/Ethenert Cables with 7/8 Inch Screw - 100 Pack - Black

Cable clips are a quick and convenient way to route and install cable without damaging the jacket.  They can be used for pre-wire or finished construction.  They are made from high impact ABS plastic and can withstand the forces of installation.  The pre-installed 7/8 in. screw makes it easy to grab and put in place. They can be installed using a phillips head screw driver. Unlike staples, the molded plastic clips won't damage or slice the cable jacket.  Sold in packs of 100.


  • Fits two coax or ethernet cables up to 6mm in diameter
  • Pre-installed 7/8 in. screw - 1/2 in. driving depth
  • High impact ABS plastic
  • Black
  • 100 pack
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Q: Will cable clips damage my cable?

A: Absolutely not.  The molded plastic is free from sharp edges so you can safely use these during installation.

Q: Are they reusable?

A: While it is possible to pull them out and reuse them often times the clips are damaged while removing them.  We recommend using a new clip each time.

Q: What is the difference between a nail clip and a screw clip?

A: Nail clips are quick to install and are slightly less permanent than screw clilps.  They can be installed into a wider variety of material such as wood mortar and brick.  Screw clips take longer to install but will provide a long lasting cable routing solution.