C14 to C13 Splitter Power Cord - 15 Amp

15 Amps | 250 Volts | 14 AWG | 7 Inch Legs | SJT Jacket | UL Listed | RoHS Compliant

Splitter Power Cord - 15 Amp C14 to Dual C13 Cable

This C14 to C13 Splitter Power Cord makes it easy to connect two devices to one power source. When using a splitter, you can save space by eliminating those extra bulky cords, and keep your power strips or wall plugs free of unnecessary clutter. It has one C14 connector and two C13 connectors. This splitter is ideal for compact workplaces and home offices where space is limited. It is made of high quality materials to ensure maximum durability and a long life. These are the standard power cords used for many devices, including monitors, computers, printers, scanners, TVs, and sound systems.


  • Connector 1 - (1) C14 Male
  • Connector 2 - (2) C13 Female
  • 7 Inch Legs
  • SJT Jacket
  • Black, White and Green North America Conductor Color Code
  • Certification: UL listed
  • Color - Black
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    Proposition 65

    WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including phthalates, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


    Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment in the European Union.  It stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive.

    REACH, a European Union regulation addresses the production and use of chemical substances and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment.  It stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and Restriction of chemicals.


    The WEEE Directive set collection, recycling and recovery targets for all types of electrical goods in the European community.  It stands for Wate Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive.

    * The following information is for information purposes only.  It does not guarantee that the product adheres to the following standards.  Please check the product description for specific certifications.

    Q: What is the difference between a SVT jacket and a SJT jacket?

    A: SVT jackets are thinner and more flexible and only come in 17 or 18 AWG sizes. SJT cords have twice as much insulation making them less flexible. They can be produced in gauges sizes from 10 to 18 AWG.

    Q: I'm not sure which power cable I need. Can you help?

    A: The different power connectors can be confusing. We have a chart on the resources tab to help you determine which connector you need.

    Q: Is a 10 amp cable sufficient for powering my devices?

    A: The 10 amp version is the most cost efficient cable. It will handle most computer applications because PCs draw very low amperages.

    IEC connectors are the standard connectors as recognized by the International Electrotechical Commission. They are non-locking connectors rated up to 250 volts. The IEC standard uses a numerical approach to distinguish which is the outlet and which is the inlet. All odd numbers (C5 C13 etc.) are the outlets which plug into the even number inlet. The odd number connectors mate with the even number directly after them. For example a C13 plugs into a C14 but will not plug into a C12.

    IEC 60320 Standard Power Connectors
    OutletInletPictureGroundedMax AmperageNotes
    C5 C6 C5 Yes 2.5 Laptops, Apple, iMac sometimes referred to as "Mickey Mouse" connector
    C7 C8 C7 No 2.5 Non-Polarized version. Very common plug found on audio video equipment laptop power supplies.
    C7 C8 C7 Polarized No 2.5 Polarized version. Very common plug found on audio video equipment laptop power supplies
    C13 C14 C13 Yes 10 or 15 Very common found on most computers and peripherals
    C15 C16 C15 Yes 10 or 15 Used for small appliances that get very hot.
    C19 C20 C19 Yes 16 or 20 2005 PowerMac Cisco, Power Supplies Ciscoo, Chassis Dell workstations.
    NEMA connectors are the standard connectors as recognized by the U.S. National Electrical Manufacturers Association for AC power. The standard is comprised of both locking and non-locking connectors rated up to 600 volts. The NEMA standard uses an alphabetical approach to distinguish which is the plug and which is the receptacle. The letter P designates the plug and a R designates the receptacle. For example a 5-15P will plug into a 5-15R.

    NEMA Power Connectors 
    120VAC Power Connectors
    ReceptaclePlugPictureGroundedMax AmperagesNotes
    1-15R 1-15P 1-15 No 15 Typical two prong connector found on lamps, radio clocks, and other small electronics
    5-15R 5-15P 5-15 Yes 15 Typical three prong connector found in modern homes. It is also found on countless electronic devices.
    L5-15R L5-15P L5-15 Yes 15 Locking version of the 5-15
    5-20R 5-20P 5-20.jpg Yes 20 20 amp connector. 5-20 recepticles will accept a 5-15 plug.
    L5-20R L5-20P L5-20 Yes 20 Locking version of the 5-20

    240VAC Power Connectors

    6-15R 6-20P 6-15R Yes 15 Wired hot - hot - ground.
    6-20R 6-20P 6-20 Yes 20 Wired hot - hot - ground.