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Surge Protectors - RF Coax, Data Line, Power, Audio/Video and USB

A power strip isn’t enough. Without professional-grade surge protection, sudden power fluctuations or a spike of over 120 volts can wreak havoc on your precious network equipment. The result can be burned wire, data loss, reduced lifespan of components or even permanent damage. Rather than leave your system vulnerable to lightning strikes and other elements beyond your control, take charge and guard them round-the-clock with ShowMeCables’ surge protectors. We offer RF coaxial, data line, power, audio/video, and USB surge protection for every application, both indoor and outdoor. These products are ideal for communications equipment, process control systems, power distribution panels, and industrial applications. They also keep watch over electrical equipment at office buildings and private homes. Our surge protectors react almost instantly to block harmful electrical transients and some have multi-strike capability. Backed by a responsive and knowledgeable team, our complete line of power surge protectors require low or no minimum order quantities and are ready to ship immediately.