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Passive DWDM, LGX Demux, 16 CH w/ 100 GHz spacing, start CH 20, LC-UPC, w/ Pass & Mon


Passive DWDM Filter | 16 Channel (20-35) | Start Channel 20 (1561.42nm) | Single Fiber Demux | With Pass and Monitor

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Passive DWDM, LGX Demux, 16 ch w/ 100 GHz spacing, start ch 20 (1561.42nm), LC-UPC, w/ Pass & Mon

The ShowMeCables PDD-16C100G-20LGX is a passive DWDM Multiplexer filter, it works by combining and transmitting multiple signals simultaneously at different wavelengths on the same fiber. The PDD-16C100G-20LGX is a 1RU LGX filter with Demux functionality. No optical signal amplifiers nor dispersion compensation modules (DCM) are used in PDD-16C100G-20LGX.

The PDD-16C100G-20LGX has 16 DWDM channels: i.e. ITU CH20-59 starting with Channel 20 (1561.420nm) and with 100GHz channel spacing. This passive DWDM Multiplexer filter has LC/UPC connectors, a Standard connection In Series is used with a Push-On connector type, and it has a Monitor port option on the Mux and DeMux module.

The PDD-16C100G-20LGX is a dual fiber filter with one sending muxed signal and the other receiving a composite signal for demuxing. The passive DWDM filter marks its presence in Single Mode Fiber Networking, Metro transport, Regional Distribution & Inside Plant (ISP) Operation as it increases bandwidth between switches and routers without additional fiber investment. The passive DWDM multiplexer filter has an operating wavelength of 1527.220 to 1564.680 nm with a min Pass Band of 0.680 nm and max Pass Band of 0.680 nm.

The DWDM filters offered by ShowMeCables are high quality passive filters that your business can rely on. ShowMeCables multiplexer has the largest In-stock selection of passive DWDM multiplexers, with same-day shipment for domestic and international orders. Our expert technical support and knowledgeable sales team can get you to the right DWDM multiplexer for the job.


  • Passive
  • DWDM
  • 100GHz spacing
  • LGX Cassette
  • Single Fiber Demux
  • 16 Channels (20-35)
  • Starting with channel 20 (1561.42nm)
  • LC/UPC connectors
  • Express Channel
  • 1% Monitor option


  • Single Mode Fiber Networking
  • Single Fiber
  • Demux
  • 16 channels
  • Metro transport
  • Regional Distribution
  • Inside Plant (ISP) Operation

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