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Technician's Tool Kit


This product has been discontinued

A complete tool kit for PC repair and upgrades.

Technician's Tool Set

This Technician's Tool Kit is perfect for most computer maintenance and upgrades. It includes everything needed to fix a broken computer or to update old worn-out parts. It comes in zippered bag making it easy to carry between installations and store safely.

Technician's Tool Kit Includes:

  • Reverse action tweezers
  • Fine tip straight tweezers
  • Brush
  • 7 in 1 Crimping Tool
  • IC extractor
  • PLCC extractor
  • Screwdriver handle
  • Pro-soft s/d 5.0x75mm
  • Pro-soft s/d #1x75mm
  • Pro-soft s/d 3/16'
  • Wrist strap 10FT
  • Utility knife (3 blades self-loading)
  • Flash light
  • 7pcs Folding type hex key set
  • 3 Prong holder
  • Adjustable wrench 8'
  • Mini hammer set (including 6 parts)
  • 5pcs Needle file set
  • Long nose plier 135mm
  • Diagonal cutting plier 110mm
  • Lineman's plier 210mm
  • Flat nose plier 135mm
  • Bent nose plier 130mm
  • 6Pcs Electronic screwdriver set
  • Desoldering pump
  • Quick heat ceramic soldering iron 110V
  • Solder core 63%, SN
  • 3pcs Soldering aid tools
  • Heat sink
  • Double-end blade 175mm length 4mm/T6
  • Double-end blade 175mm length #1/#2
  • Double-end blade 175mm length 6mm/T8
  • Double-end blade 175mm length T10/T15
  • Extension blade 7'(175mm)
  • Heavy duty zipper bag
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