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TechLogix Networx® Economy Fiber Termination Kit for SFF Fiber Cable


SFF Fiber Termination Kit | Fault Verification Locator | Adjustable Cleaver | Terminates LC and SC

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TechLogix Networx® Economy Fiber Termination Kit for SFF Fiber Cable

This economy fiber termination kit provides all of the required tools needed to terminate fiber. A high precision wheel cleaver produces quality cleaves without the need for microscope inspection, with up to 36,000 cleaves via an easy blade position selection adjustment. The verification fault location allows for visible light to be used during the termination process for increased accuracy. The cleaver in this termination kit comes pre-adjusted to cleave the SSF™ Stronger, Safer, and Faster fiber optic glass and its integral polymeric coating. This adjustment, called a “Blade Height Adjustment” involves raising the blade/wheel in the cleaver up very slightly so it can “score” the outer covering of the glass fiber correctly while the fiber is tensioned across two pads. This provides a clean break of the glass fiber and allows maximum signal transfer. All tools come in tool kit carrying bag with a strap.


  • 1 - Precision Wheel FIber Cleaver
  • 1 - Visual Fault Locator (650nm)
  • 1 - 2.5 to 1.25mm SC to LC Adapter
  • 1 - Aramid Strand Scissor
  • 1 - Tri-Hole Fiber Stripper
  • 1 - Fiber Optic Disposal Unit
  • 1 - Black Marker
  • 1 - 50mm Ruler
  • Fault Verification Locator
  • Adjustable Cleaver
  • Terminates LC and SC
  • SFF (Stronger, Safer, and Faster) 
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Product Questions

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Q: How do I prep the fiber?

A: Make sure to remove all of the soft peel coating from the determined point on the optical cable to the end per your connector instructional’s cleave measurement. Ensure the soft peel is completely removed by running your fingers on all sides of the glass. If desired a fiber wipe may be utilized. However, it is not necessary as the optical glass is coated/protected. Never attempt to cleave the fiber with the soft peel coating still on the glass, as this will “dirty” the cleaving wheel. If this occurs, clean with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol.

Q: In which “slot” do I position the fiber?

A: The cleaver is configured to accept 250um, 900um, 2mm, and 3mm jacketed fibers. Since you will typically be working with 250um (diameter of acrylate soft peel colored coating), you may use either slot depending on how the jacketed fiber can be positioned on the tray. Use the slot that allows you to position the fiber most effectively: laid straight/at a 90-degree angle with the cleaver wheel. Typically slots can accommodate all fiber types. Positioning is important in obtaining quality cleaves/end faces on the fiber optic cable you are working with.

The precision cleaver is used to “cut” the fiber.

It scores and snaps the glass, ensuring you have a clean end.

The aramid strand scissor trim the Kevlar yarn inside the fiber.

Kevlar provides the 220 lb. pull-rating for the fiber optic cable and special scissors are required to trim it.

Tri-hole fiber strippers are used to remove the fiber jacket.

The VFL (Visual Fault Locator) provides visible light to check the cable for breaks and for proper connector termination.

All these tools can be used to terminate LC and SC style connectors.