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Desoldering Pump - Spring Vacuum


This product has been discontinued

Aluminum Body | Spring Action | Vacuum Away Solder
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Desoldering Pump - Spring Vacuum

When doing solder repair it is best to remove the old solder. This desoldering pump uses a spring to create vacuum to suck solder away from your working area. Simply push down on the press handle until it is latched, and then press the button to release the potential energy from the spring.


  • Aluminum Body
  • Spring action
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Q: When selecting a soldering Iron how many watts do I need?

A: Typically soldering irons may have a power rating of between 15 to 30 watts. They are fine for most work. A higher wattage does not mean that the iron runs hotter it simply means that there is more power in reserve for coping with larger joints. Consider a higher wattage iron simply as being more resilient when it comes to heavier-duty work because it won't cool down so quickly.

Q: Is my new soldering iron ready to solder out of the box?

A: No. An important step to good soldering is tinning. Tinning should be done to new irons replacement tips and older iron tips. While the iron is warming up hold the solder against the tip and wait until the solder begins melt. As soon as the solder begins to melt coat the tip surface completely and wipe the tip off with a wet sponge. The end result should be a thin layer of solder coating the tip.