2.1 GHz TV-Satellite Diplexer / Combiner - VHF/UHF

900-2150 Mhz & 40-860 MHz | 500mA DC Passing | F-Type Female Ports | Separates/Combines Signals
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2.1 GHz TV-Satellite Diplexer / Combiner - UHF/VHF

Diplexers are used to combine or separate different frequency signals. They allow for off-air and satellite signals to be run on the same feed line. This saves time and installation cost. Diplexers are commonly used in pairs.


  • Separates or combines off-air TV-antenna and satellite signals from or onto a single feed-line
  • Mixing or Diplexing 900-2150 MHz and 40-860 MHz Bands
  • 500mA DC Power Passing
  • All Ports F-type Female
  • Mounting Screws Included
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    Q: When would I want to block DC power?

    A: Many devices aren't designed to take in DC power so you would want to use a DC power blocking splitter to make sure that your equipment doesn't get fried. They stop the DC voltage from getting through thus protecting your antennas TVs amplifiers etc.

    Features & Specs
    Connector TypeThe type of connectors used on this diplexer?F-Type Female
    Frequency RangeFrequencies supported by this diplexer?40 to 2150 MHz
    DC Passing PortsNumber of Ports that will allow DC power through the diplexer ?1 Port Power Passing