HDMI Extender over Coax Cable - Up to 328 FT


This product has been discontinued

Plug & Play | 1080p | 328 ft HDMI Extension | Metal Housing | BNC

HDMI Extender over Coax Cable - Up to 328 FT

This HDMI Extender allows the user to extend an HDMI Signal up to 100 meters (326 ft) with RG6 Coax Cable.  RG59 can be used to extend an HDMI signal 150 ft using this same extender.  This extender includes a sender and a reciever and utilizes BNC female ports to connect coax cables.


  • Easy installation with BNC Coax
  • Max distance with RG6: 328 ft
  • Max Distance with RG59: 150 ft
  • Supports resolutions up to 1080p
  • 5V DC Power included with both transmitter and receiver
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Q: What is a balun?

A: A balun is a small transformer which converts an audio or video signal from unbalanced to balanced and vice versa (hence the term 'bal*un'). By doing so baluns make the necessary impedance adjustment for audio-visual signal transmission between different wiring systems

Q: Why use a Balun?

A: Sending your audio video and data signals over a Cat5e or Cat6 gives you three big advantages. The first one is that it allows you to carry your signal over an extremely long distance overcoming distance limits of some technologies. The second advantage is that it saves you money. Cat5e/6 is affordable especially in plenum rated spaces which is why it’s the cable of choice for media extension. Thirdly Cat5e/6 cable is easier to run in small conduit and tight in-wall installations.

Q: What is the picture quality when using a balun?

A: The picture will be the as good as the source signal. Baluns are designed to maintain signal quality.

Q: Do I need any special tools to install a balun system?

A: No all of our baluns are plug-and-play. Simply connect both baluns to your equipment and run the cable.