Choice Select Panel Mount IR Target

38K-2KHz | 80 FT Indoors | 15-20 FT Outdoors | LED Indicator | Connect to Hub
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Choice Select Panel Mount Infrared Remote Target

Panel Mount IR target is ideal for mounting in cupboards, cabinets, panels or racks, to control A/V devices behind closed doors. Features slim, unobtrusive styling. Compatible with most standard remote controls. This unit may be connected in parallel to up to 3 other IR targets when connected to the 4-port distribution hub.


  • Dimensions: 1/2 in. diameter x 2 in. depth
  • 6 ft. wire
  • IR frequency bandwidth: 38K ± 2K Hz
  • Control range: 80 ft. indoors, 15-20 ft. in direct sunlight
  • Reception Angle: + or - 45 off axis
  • Power requirement: DC 12V, 500mA
  • LED indicator for IR response
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Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment in the European Union.  It stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive.

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Q: What are the different parts of an IR System?

Infrared Target

This device picks up the infrared signal from your remote control just like a TV or VCR. It encodes the infrared signal into a signal suitable for transmission. Receivers must be located in the room you wish to use the remote control. The wire from the receiver to the connecting block needs at least three available conductors and can be several hundred feet long. Cat5/Cat6 wire work fine.


This is simply a place for all the parts to plug in or connect to. Connecting blocks are usually classified based on the number of ports. All connecting blocks can support many IR receivers wired in parallel. Connecting blocks are usually located near the equipment that is to be controlled along with the power supply and emitters.

Infrared Emitters

IR Emitters generally 'stick' onto the front of the device you want to control. You with need one emitter for each device. 'Dual' emitters have two emitters and one plug so they only take up one jack of the connecting block. All emitters come with long cords and double-stick tape.

Q: My remote is working sporadically what could be the problem?

A: The most likely problem is you have a signal band IR target and your remote is a dual band remote. You will need to upgrade your current IR Target with a Dual Band Target.

Q: Why do I need a Plasma Proof Target?

A: Some plasma and LCD TVs emit broad-spectrum infrared noise. This can cause issues with transmitting the proper IR signals back to the hub.