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Digital Coax to Optical Audio Converter


This product has been discontinued

1 Input | 1 Output | AC/DC Adapter Included | Upgrade Audio
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Digital Coax to Optical Audio Converter

With this Digital Audio Converter, you are able to transform an RCA coaxial (S/PDIF) digital audio signal into a toslink optical digital audio signal. Whether it is a DVD player, sound card, or any other type of device with a coaxial digital output, this converter will allow a direct and easy conversion to a digital amplifier or recorder with an optical input. The translation from coaxial to optical is so accurate with this converter that you will be amazed at the clarity and quality of sound.


  • Transforms RCA coaxial (S/PDIF) digital audio signal to a toslink optical digital audio signal
  • Allows conversion between the most common digital audio interfaces and formats
  • Input: Digital Coax
  • Output: Optical Audio
  • AC/DC adapter is required and included

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Q: My new TV only has optical audio out. My older audio receiver only has red and white RCA inputs. What product do I need to connect these devices together?

A: To make that connection you will need a digital audio to analog audio converter. You can find that product here.

Q: Will a converter improve my picture quality?

A: No a converter will only change the signal type. The signal quality will be only as good as the input device.

Features & Specs
InputThe input connection?Digital Coax
OutputThe output connection?Optical Audio
Cables Needed
What cables are needed for the product?Toslink Digital Coax