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Gigabit PoE Ethernet Media Converter - 10/100/1000TX PoE+ 802.3at/af 30W - 1x SFP/GBIC 1000SX/LX Slot

RJ45 to LC | 52-56 Volts | 850nm | Rackmountable | Convert Copper to Fiber Network
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Gigabit PoE Ethernet Media Converter - 10/100/1000TX PoE+ 802.3at/af - 1x SFP/GBIC 1000SX/LX Slot

The ShowMeCables MC-1GP+SFP-EC is a PoE+ capable, triple speed media extender/convertor offering a cost-effective, PoE friendly solution for extending gigabit networks over fiber optic cabling.

The MC-1GP+SFP-EC's RJ45 port is PoE compliant to IEEE 802.3at standards of up 30 watts power and is excellent for powering hard to reach PoE capable IP devices such as traffic systems, security cameras, access points and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. The SFP/GBIC slot can accept any standard SFP (small form-factor pluggable), DAC (Direct Attach Copper) or AOC (Active Optical Cable) cable to extend and convert the network to lengths longer than typical copper will allow. The SFP module is sold separately and the distance limits and fiber type used are dependent on the particular SFP module utilized. The power supply is included.

The ShowMeCables MC-1GP+SFP media convertor is easy to use with an unmanaged, plug and play design including LED indicators for both data and PoE power usage. It will auto detect IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at equipment to protect devices from being damaged by incorrect installation. Contact our knowledgeable team with your application needs today and don’t forget your Ethernet and fiber optics cables as well.


  • Connectors: Ethernet RJ45 to SC
  • Mode: Multimode
  • Standards: IEEE 802.3at 1000BASE-SX/LX
  • Increased bandwidth
  • POE+ capabilities
  • Rackmount or standalone operation
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight and easily mountable
  • Black
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Q: What is a fiber media converter?

A: A fiber media converter is a device that changes the network media type from one kind to another often copper to fiber. They make it possible to utilize new technology without the expenses of starting from scratch with a new network.

Q: What are the advantages of having a fiber network?

A: There are several advantages to having a fiber network as compared to a copper/ethernet one. The links can be extended over much greater distances with fiber optic cable. Copper is limited to a distance of only about 100 meters while fiber can transmit data 2 Km or more. You gain a greater bandwith capacity when using fiber and there is a greater protection from interference resulting in optimal data transmission.

Q: What is the difference between the transfer rates/speeds?

A: There are three speeds or transfer rates found in fiber media converters. The first is Gigabit which is 1000 Mbps (megabits per second). The second is Fast Ethernet at 10/100 Mbps. Finally there is the 10 Mbps Ethernet. 1000 Mbps Ethernet is 10 times faster than 100 Mbps Ethernet and 100 Mbps Ethernet is 10 times faster than 10 Mbps Ethernet. The more megabits per second the faster transfer rate you can acheive.

Q: When would I use a multimode or a singlemode fiber media converter?

A: Multimode is used when you have to run data less than 2 Km while singlemode is used when you have to run data more than 2 Km. This is because in singlemode fiber cables there is less room for light to bounce meaning there is a greater distance that can be traveled with less optical loss than in a multlimode fiber cable.

Q: What do the different LEDs on my converter mean?



On - The switch has power

Off - The switch has no power

Ethernet Port LED

On - The port is connected and link is working

Blinking - There is activity taking place

Fiber Port LED

On - The port is connected and link is working

Blinking - There is activity taking place


On - Fault detected

Off - No fault

Q: What are some of the benefits of using a fiber media converter?

A: There are several benefits of using a fiber media converter to change your network type. One benefit is that you get to keep the copper network that you invested a lot of time and money into while still gaining the added advantages of the fiber network. Another benefit is that you can add fiber port-by-port and not all at one time. Finally you are able to change your network from copper to fiber or fiber to copper. These converters are a cost-effective way to upgrade your technology.