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RJ12 Line Cord - 6 Conductor - Straight

6P6C | RJ12 Connectors | Straight Pinout | Stranded Conductors | PVC Jacket | Standard Line Cord

RJ12 Telephone Line Cords - 3FT Straight Pinned Line Cord

A straight pinned telephone line cord is commonly used for patching between patch panels or data communications equipment. This line cord consists of 6 conductors with a PVC jacket and modular RJ12 connectors at each end. Each conductor is stranded making the cable flexible and easily manageable.


  • Length: 3ft
  • RJ12 to RJ12
  • 6 Conductor
  • Silver satin
  • Straight pinned
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Q: Which line cord should I use to plug my phone base into the wall?

A: Newer phones can use a straight or reverse pinned line cord. If you’re unsure of the age of your phone a reverse pinned cord will work with any age phone.

Q: What line cord should be used to connect my modem to my wall outlet?

A: While a standard line cord will work. It is suggested to use a High speed modem cable for added signal integrity.

Q: How can I tell if the line cord I'm replacing is straight or reverse pinned?

A: Place the cable with the latch side down If the color code of the cables is the same on each pin it is straight. If not it is reverse. Please see this video tutorial for more instructions