2 Pole speakON to XLR 3 Pin Female Cable - 16AWG

16 AWG | 2 Conductors | OFC | Fully Shielded | Locking | For High Current Applications Only

Pro Audio Cable - 2 Pole SpeakON to XLR Female Cable

SpeakON cables are often used for high-current audio applications. These cables are the standard cables for amplifiers and loud speakers. This cable features a 4 pole speakON plug and XLR 3 pin jacks. Internally this cable is made from 16 AWG oxygen-free copper (OFC) for lower resistance. Our speakON cables are engineered to the tightest tolerances to provide superior sound quality and longevity.


  • Connector A: speakON Plug
  • Connector B: XLR 3 Pin Female
  • Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) 16 AWG x 2 Conductors
  • OD: 7mm
  • Black PVC jacket for both durability and flexibility
  • Intended for high-current applications only, not line-level signals
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Q: What is a speakON cable and what is it used for used for?

A: The speakON is a loudspeaker cable which is designed for highest mechanical and electrical loads and fulfill all safety standards. They are used to transmit high electrical currents from an amplifier to loudspeakers. Due to speakON's mating mechanism arcing is prevented and electric shocks cannot happen.

Q: Will a 2 pole speakON connector mate to a 4 Pole connector?

A: Yes the two-pole line connector will mate with the four-pole panel connector connecting to +1 and −1; but the reverse combination will not work.

Features & Specs
Connector Side AConnectors on this cable??XLR 3 Pin Female
Connector Side BConnectors on this cable?speakON Plug
LengthThe Length of the cable?15ft
Wire GaugeGauge of wire inside the cable?16 AWG
UseThe use for this cable??Loud Speaker
ColorThe color of the cable?Black
ShieldingThe type of shielding??Fully shielded