6 Outlet Heavy Duty Surge Protector - Metal Easy Wrap Cord

200 Joules | 125 Volt | 15 Amp | Horizontal Outlets | Metal | ETL/CETL Listed

Heavy Duty Surge Protector, 6 Outlet Metal Power Strip

This 6 outlet heavy duty surge protector is ideal to protect your electronics from power spikes. It can also be used to expand the number of outlets available to you in order to power your devices. This surge protection is made with metal housing for durability and a wrap-around cord making it easy to put away and carry.


  • 6 Outlets (4 Standard Spaced, 2 Transformer Spaced)
  • 200 Joules
  • 14 AWG Wire
  • 15 Amp Circuit Breaker
  • 125 Volts
  • 1875 Watts
  • High Impact Metal Housing
  • Lighted ON/OFF Switch
  • Easy-Wrap Cord
  • ETL/ CETL Listed
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Why do I need a surge protector?

While some power surges are caused by lightning strikes or by changes in the power grid most household surges are caused by other appliances on the same power line. Devices that require higher wattage such as vacuum cleaners heaters and refrigerators commonly cause small spikes which can over time damage or shorten the life of delicate electronic components like the microprocessors found in computers and audio/video equipment. A surge protector will absorb or ground this excess energy protecting the devices plugged into its power or data lines. Because a surge can occur across any type of line some surge protectors also include voice/data and coaxial protection. Your device is not fully protected unless all lines and components connected to it are also protected.

How do I know which surge protector is best?

Besides the number and outlets and length of cord different surge protectors provide different levels of protection. For home or office use there are three specifications to consider:

  • The Joule Rating - the amount of energy that unit can absorb before sacrificing itself to protect your equipment. A higher joule rating indicates that a surge protector can absorb more energy even if your grounding line fails.

  • The Clamping Voltage - the voltage level at which the unit will ground the electrical current. A lower clamping voltage indicates that a surge protector will activate its protective mechanism during lower voltage changes which is easier on your devices.

  • The Response Time - the amount of time required to activate the unit's safety mechanism. The lower the response time the faster the surge protector will protect your equipment.



Joule Rating

Clamping Voltage

Response Time

Prod. Example


low-voltage appliances such as chargers radio sets and power tools

90 j

< 400 v

1 ns

Basic Protection


Small television laptop and most small appliances

200-600 j

< 400 v

< 1 ns

Medium Protection


Desktop computer home entertainment system

> 600 j

330 v

< 1 ns

Best Protection

Is it possible to have too many devices plugged into my surge protector?

While it is possible to overload a surge protector by plugging in too many high-power devices the protective mechanisms are designed to burn out before any damage occurs. A simple power strip-without surge protection-can heat up or spark when overloaded posing a fire risk. For this reason we only carry units with surge protection though it is still best to limit the number of powered devices to the number of outlets and 'Daisy Chaining ' or connecting multiple surge protectors together is never recommended.