12 Strand Fiber Pigtail - No Jacket - 1.5M


1.5 Meter | UPC Polish | 50/125 Core Diameter | 12 Pre-Terminated Ends | Ready to Plug in and Splice

12 Strand Fiber Pigtail - No Jacket - 1.5M

These 12 strand, multi-color pigtails are most commonly used to terminate fiber optic cables and connections via fusion or mechanical splicing. Each one of the pigtails are color coded with a unique color to allow for easier connector identification. With mechanical splicing, the two fiber ends are held together by a self-contained assembly. With fusion splicing, the two fibers are "welded" together using an electric arc.


  • 1.5 Meter Length
  • 12 Color Coated Pigtails
  • 50/125 Core Diameter
  • 850/1300 Operating Wavelength
  • Accurate Mounting for Precision Alignment
  • 12 Pre-Terminated Ends
  • UPC Polish
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