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Low Loss LMR-400 UltraFlex Equivalent Coaxial Cable - Black

80-111-400 XX
50 Ohm | .405 OD | BC Conductor | TPE Jacket | Indoor/Outdoor Rated | RG-8 Replacement

Low Loss 400 UltraFlex is designed to deliver high performance with minimal loss.  Low Loss 400 UltraFlex is a high quality alternative to RG-8. For example at 2.4 GHz, 100 feet of RG-8 would have 13.1dB of signal loss versus only 7.9dB of signal loss with ECore low loss 400. With a extremely flexible and durable Thermoplastic Elastomer, these cables are suited for indoor and outdoor installations. UltraFlex series cable feature stranded center conductors and rubber outer jackets designed to withstand repeated bending. The Low Loss 400 UltraFlex cable is acceptable for Wi-Fi, Antenna Cables, Ham Radio, Patch Cables, Jumper Cables and much more.


  • Cable Type: SMC-400-UF
  • Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Center Conductor: Stranded Bare Copper(BC)
  • Jacket: Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Outer Diameter: .405 inches
  • Indoor/Outdoor Rated
  • Drop-in replacement for RG-8
  • Attenuation @ 900 MHz/100 ft: 4.7dB/100ft
  • Attenuation @ 2.4 GHz/100 ft: 7.9dB/100ft
  • Any application (e.g. WLL, GPS, LMR, WLAN, WISP, WiMax, SCADA, Mobile Antennas) requiring an easily routed, low loss RF cable
  • Max Continuous Length: 1000 FT

    LMR® is a Registered Trademark of Times Microwave Systems.

    Please note: All products that are bought per foot are non-returnable.

    Any amount of cable you order above the maximum continuous length of 1000 FT will be sent in separate pieces.

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