16/2 Flat Speaker Cable - White

83-216-250 WH

White | 16 AWG | 2 Conductors | Extra Flexible Jacket | Stranded Braided Copper | Surface Print

16/2 Flat Speaker Wire - White

Our professional-grade speaker wire is comprised of oxygen-free copper conductors, ensuring that it delivers audio signals with the highest fidelity. The 16 AWG speaker cable is our most popular and versatile speaker cable. The cable is also extra flexible and easy to work with. This cable features 2 braided conductors. Perfect for running under carpet or along baseboards for concealing wire to left, right, or surround speakers.


  • 16 AWG Flat Cable
  • 2¬†Braided Copper Conductors
  • Extra Flexible White Jacket
  • Nominal O.D: .090" x .430"
  • Surface Print For Easy Polarity Identification
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Features & Specs
Cable Type The type of cable described? Stranded Speaker Cable PVC
Conductor Material The type of material used in the center conductor of the cable?? Stranded Braided Copper
Conductor Size Gauge of center conductor? 16 AWG
Conductors Total number of conductors in the cable?? 2
Shielded Does the cable have foil shielding?? No
Jacket Material The type of material used in the jacket of the cable? CL (PVC)