L-com Fiber Optic MPO Coupler - No Mounting Flange


MPO Fiber Coupler | MM or SM | Adjustable Keyway | Stainless Steel Mounting Clips | Dust Caps Included | No Flange

L-com Fiber Optic MPO Coupler - No Mounting Flange

These MPO fiber optic couplers from L-com provide a fast and easy way to connect one male MPO fiber cable with alignment pins to one female MPO fiber cable w/o alignment pins. These couplers are constructed of a lightweight durable plastic and can be mounted in a .6" x .4" cut out. They work with MPO connectors that have 4, 6, 8, or 12 port ferrules and also have an adjustable keyway. This allows the user to change the orientation between key up and key down for straight wiring or key up and key up for cross wiring applications. These couplers are also suitable for both multimode and singlemode application.


  • Connects Male MPO Cable w/guide pins to Female MPO Cable w/o guide pins
  • Adjustable Keyway switches between Straight or Crossed Wiring
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Clips
  • Compatible with US Conec MTP products
  • No Mounting Flange
  • Included Dust Caps¬†


  • Data communication networks
  • Array trunk cables
  • Array fiber to single fiber cassettes
  • Parallel optics and QSFP applications
  • LAN
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