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Holland Flat Jumper Coaxial Cable

F-Type Connectors| 3GHz | Flexible | Feeds Under Door or Window
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Holland Flat Jumper Coaxial Cable

Holland flat window jumpers are a rail-protected coaxial cable jumper assembly for use in doors and window jams when drilling through walls is not permitted. The patent pending rail system protects the precision Teflon coaxial cable from deformation due to bending or repetitive impact within a window or door frame


  • True Coaxial Cable
  • Electrical Specs Do Not Degrade With Bending, Impact, or Temp
  • Higher Connector-Cable Holding Force
  • Thinner Cable
  • High Center Conductor Holding F connectors
  • Impact Durability
  • Shape Retention


  • Double-Sided Mounting Tape
  • Clearance Measurement Tool
  • Installation Instructions
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Q: What is an F connector?

A: An F connector is a 75 Ohm coaxial connector that uses the coaxial cables solid center conductor as a pin.

Q: What is an F connector used for?

A: F connectors are commonly used on television cable television satellite television cable modems VHF & UHF antennas.

Q: What other terminology is used to describe and F connector?

A: Sometimes F connectors are described by a different name. Here are some different terms

  • F-56 F-6 (F-56) F-11: These are terms to describe the connector type (F) and the cable that they will terminate on.

  • F-61: A panel mount F connector

  • F-71: A male to male F adapter

  • F-81 A female to female F adapter