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Bridle Ring Saddle

Bridle Ring Saddle
1 1/2 Inch Diameter | UL Listed | Reduce Cable Stress

1 1/2 Inch Bridle Ring Saddle

1-1/2' cable loop bridal saddle rings are used to support sensitive fiber optic and data cables. Garvin Industries’ saddle bridle rings are an inexpensive alternative to cable trays and J hooks. They provide support to even sensitive voice and data cables without causing stress.


  • 1 1/2 Inch
  • UL Listed
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Q: How much distance should I put between each of my cable supports?

A: You don’t want to put too much weight on any type of cable support. It is a good idea to put a cable support such as a J-Hook or Bridle Ring every 4 to 5 feet. This ensures that your cables will not stretch or fall under too much weight.

Q: What kind of support do I need for data cabling?

A: When you are dealing with sensitive high performance data cables such as fiber optic cables you need to use either J-Hooks or Bridle Rings with saddles. For all other cable types you can use any type of cable support such as standard Bridle Rings.

Features & Specs
The size of the product?1 1/2 Inch
What the product is made of?Plastic