Ethernet is the cornerstone of most modern technology; if a machine sends or receives any data, it is likely using Ethernet. In an office environment, there is nothing wrong with Ethernet using a standard PVC jacket. But industrial environments are a different story. PVC Ethernet is not designed to stand up to oil, chemicals, and other hazardous conditions. Belden’s DataTuff cable is engineered to withstand harsh industrial environments without compromising data transmission.

PVC and plenum jackets not rated for industrial use cannot keep up in those environments. A cold environment can make the jackets hard and brittle, causing the cables to break when bent. Exposure to chemicals can eat away at the plastic and cause them to break down over time. Cables attached to moving machinery will have increased wear-and-tear due to the constant motion. These issues and more can cause non-industrial Ethernet cables to break down quickly.

DataTuff is industrial-grade ethernet cable that is available in numerous Category (Cat5 and Cat6) and environmental ratings including UV resistant, oil resistant, gas resistant, water resistant, and more. For example, Belden 7936A is only rated as UV Resistant whereas Belden 792

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