Keeping cables secure can be something of a challenge. Running a cable across the floor is one thing, but going up a wall or leaving something hanging from a ceiling is another. Loose, dangling cables are much more likely to get damaged and just look bad. Luckily, there are a number of tools that can be used to keep wall and ceiling cables safe and secure.

Beam Clamps

Beam clamps are named for what they are able to do; these small fixtures use a screw to clamp down onto beams. The purpose of a beam clamp is to provide a spot to screw in a bridle ring or similar equipment, which is then used to actually hang cables. The average beam clamp has a ⅞” opening with a ¼-20 thread and is available in both iron and steel. Iron beam clamps can support up to a 250 lb. load while the steel version supports up to 100 lbs. There is also an extra wide version with a 3⅛” opening that supports up to 200 lbs.

Bridle Rings

Bridle rings are one of the most common tools for hanging cables and come in a few different varieties. They are metal loops, available in sizes ranging from ¾” to 4”, made to support anywhere from a single cable to a large cluster of them. Some bridle rings are threaded with machine screws and designed to be used with beam clamps or similar equipment. Other threaded units use wood screws to att

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